What is Lexus Enform?

Woman looking at Lexus Enform app on phone

Lexus has a reputation for its advanced driver-assist technologies, and the Enform App Suite is a perfect example of the innovation Brentwood drivers have come to expect from the brand. To help you choose the feature upgrades to customize your Lexus vehicle, the team at Lexus Santa Monica put together this guide to the Lexus Enform system.

Using the Lexus Enform App Suite

What services will you get with Lexus Enform? This premium suite of connected apps elevates infotainment technology to a new level. From 24-7 emergency assistance to a live navigation specialist, you’ll find convenience and peace of mind on every drive. If you’re not sure whether Enform is for you, you can try it out free of charge with a trial period! The following services come with Lexus Enform technology:

Safety Connect

Included for up to the first 10 years of ownership, Safety Connect ensures that you’re never far from an emergency response, whether you’re in the middle of Inglewood or hundreds of miles from home. In the event of an accident, vehicle theft, or any unexpected event, Safety Connect can send assistance directly to your vehicle’s GPS location. Other functions include:

  • Remote engine start/stop
  • Vehicle Finder
  • Guest Driver Monitor

Service Connect

This app creates a Vehicle Health Report and keeps detailed tabs on your vehicle’s condition. Vehicle and maintenance alerts like the following are sent to both you and your dealer:

  • Maintenance
  • Fuel level
  • Vehicle mileage
  • SmartAccess key battery status
  • Engine oil quantity


Use the Lexus app on any device enabled with Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa to access Remote, which is included for up to the first three years of ownership. Directly from your device, you can:

  • Start your engine
  • Start climate control
  • Unlock the doors
  • Locate your vehicle in a crowded lot
  • Check fuel level

Destination Assist

A navigation assistant is available 24/7 to provide you with expert guidance to any location. Included for up to the first three years of ownership, choosing Destination Assist means you’ll never lose time searching for a business or address in Pacific Palisades.

App Suite 2.0

Lexus Enform App Suite* and App Suite 2.0 integrate with your compatible smartphone, so your favorite phone apps are easy to access via your vehicle’s touchscreen display and Voice Controls.


If your Lexus vehicle features an onboard Wi-Fi™ hotspot, Lexus Enform high-speed Wi-Fi™ lets you connect up to five devices, extending your tech capability whether you’re at home in Brentwood or further afield. And for the first year, you’ll get up to 4GB of data.

Dynamic Navigation

Dynamic Map navigation provides greater accuracy through cloud-based updates, and Dynamic POI Search automatically sorts Points of Interest based on relevance. Get real-time updates about Inglewood traffic, weather in West LA, and when to adjust your commute for highway construction.

Explore Lexus Technology with Lexus Santa Monica!

Visit Lexus Santa Monica to learn more about upgrading your Lexus ES or Lexus IS with Enform. At Lexus Santa Monica, our team is here to answer any questions about Lexus convenience upgrades and in-dash technology features. Start building your Lexus today, and then reach out to schedule a test drive!