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A Selection of Luxury Lexus Sedans & SUVs Curated Just for You

Your quest for a new luxury vehicle in Santa Monica starts right here on Santa Monica Boulevard. A dealership for the people and the community, Lexus of Santa Monica is committed to helping you find your next new vehicle.  Whether you're shopping for a new luxury sedan or SUV, we've got a unique selection of vehicles that are bound to pique your interest.  To help you get the most for your budget, let's take an inside look at our new inventory and see which luxury vehicles are the best fit for your lifestyle.

New Lexus Sedans

Kickstart your search for a new luxury vehicle in Santa Monica by exploring our inventory of new Lexus sedans, including the Lexus ES, ES Hybrid, IS, LC, LC Hybrid, LS, LS Hybrid, RC, RC F, and LC Convertible.

Lexus ES/ES Hybrid

Smooth and sophisticated, the new Lexus ES and ES Hybrid models offer illustrious style paired with world-class performance.  Standard equipped with the Lexus Safety System+ 2.0, you'll be confident tackling your daily commute with this fuel-efficient luxury sedan.

Lexus IS

Chiseled to perfection, the new Lexus IS sedan radiates with an effervescent glow that can be seen by every driver on Santa Monica Boulevard.  Featuring dual-zone climate control and Bi-LED headlamps, the new Lexus IS 300 sedan will help keep you warm and lead you through the darkness.

Lexus LC/LC Hybrid

A pair of standout and sleek sedans highlighting our new Lexus inventory, the Lexus LC and LC Hybrid are two iconic and eye-catching vehicles with innate power built-in. Menacing and maniacal at first glance, the new Lexus LC will surely add a strong flavor of sportiness and strength to your daily drive.

Lexus LS/LS Hybrid

Refined for the current year, the new Lexus LS and LS Hybrid models come standard equipped with all-wheel-drive on every configuration.  Offering unparalleled connectivity with Apple CarPlay and redolent illumination with its elegant LED headlamps, the new LS is something to savor over.

Lexus RC/RC F

When you think about the new Lexus RC and RC F sedans, think about every racecar you had as a kid but life-size.  Not only are these sport-inspired sedans geared up for the open roads, but they come equipped with Drive Mode Select and a 10-Speaker Premium Audio System.

Lexus LC Convertible

The new Lexus LC Convertible stands alone as one of the most popular Lexus sedans in all of Santa Monica.  Roll down the top and enjoy a mid-afternoon cruise down Santa Monica Boulevard and feel the rush of air careening through the open cabin as you commute. Lexus LC models are meticulously designed for impressive performance. 

New Lexus SUVs

Expand your daily capability and chase your adventures through Santa Monica with a new Lexus SUV featured in our new inventory, including popular models like the Lexus UX, UX Hybrid, GX, LX, NX, NX Hybrid, RX, and RX Hybrid.

Lexus UX/UX Hybrid

The new Lexus UX and UX hybrid SUVs are the cream of the crop when it comes to advanced capability.  Featuring a six-speaker Premium Sound System and adorned with aluminum roof rails, the Lexus UX family of SUVs seeks to elevate your performance from the very beginning.

Lexus GX

Moving up the chain of the command, the bigger and bolder Lexus GX leaves nothing to chance. Reinforced with a solid exterior frame and beefed up suspension, the Lexus GX SUV is ideal for large families and light-duty hauling.

Lexus LX

Standard equipped with a 5.7-liter V8 engine producing 383 horsepower, the new Lexus LX effortlessly combines powerful performance and on-board entertainment.

Lexus NX/NX Hybrid

A practical SUV option for daily commuters in Santa Monica, the new Lexus NX and NX Hybrid models are arguably the most common SUVs you'll see downtown.  Compact, crisp, and full of personality, the Lexus NX is perfect for you and your family this season.

Lexus RX/RX Hybrid

For something equally capable and stylish as it is powerful, check out the new Lexus RX and RX Hybrid SUVs.  Clad with leather-trimmed upholstery, Lexus' Safety System+ 2.0, and a robust V6 engine, there's no adventure too big for the new Lexus RX.

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